Who are we and what we do

Scale modeling is in our family for more than 60 years. Tools and techniques have changed over the years but the work of a mastermodeler is still the most important thing.

Mario Gložinić, born 1966, is making scale models since 1974. In this production there are buildings, aircraft, ships, armored vehicles, figures and dioramas.

During all these years Mario won many awards, medals and first places in numerous scale models contests due to precise design and extraordinary sense of detailism. These contests were in Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro.

The greatest care in production is dedicated to authenticity and every detail. As Electrician by profession, highlighting models by order is also not a problem. Mario Gložinić is author of the book 'Introduction to plastic modeling' that came out of the press in 2007.

  Our services are used by:

Shipyards, construction bureaus and studios for ship design:
          - Creating models of ships according to your design

Architects, construction companies:
          - Production of all types of building models with environment

Owners of hotels, factories, spa:
          - Scale models of your factory, hotel or business object

Owners of private boats:
          - Scale model of your boat

Sport Clubs:
          - Scale models of your stadium or arena

Parish Office:
          - Scale model of your local church

Private persons:
          - All types of models, aircraft, armored vehicles, ships, figures...