Offers for scale models

Every scale model is different from others and as that, it is unique. Modeling is a complex and long process if you want to create realistic scale model that potrays it to the smallest detail. Because of this, it is clear that price list cannot be universal. It all depends about the size, complexity of model, deadlines and so on. Also, the price deprends on model equipment - pedestal, glass cover and lighting.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to send us request on which we can calculate the offer.

What we need to make you an offer:

- General dimensions of the object
- Basic layout of the object
- At least one image, or 3D render
- Desired scale or approximate size in what you want the model to be
- What kind of equipment do you want – pedestal (moving or standing), glass cover, lighting...

To make sure that you get your offer in the shortest possible time, please contact us and be sure to enclose some basic object information with your proposal.

With this information the offer will be sent to you in less then 72 hours!

All your blueprints / photos / materials are for our use only, and will not be forwarded / copied to anyone else.

If you want, there is possibility to create 3D render images similiar to what it could look on pedestal in final version.