World of miniatures

Welcome to M2 Models!

M2 Models builds all types of models according to your specifications. Whether you want a model of your new project, a model of your hotel or a factory, a model of the ship, aircraft, armored vehicle or just a small scale figure, contact us with confidence.

We don't use 3D printer. No machine can produce such details like skilled and dedicated master modeler. To us, building scale models is not just a job - it's a pleasure as well. We enjoy making models, and that is one more thing that ensures quality of our models.

All our models are absolutely handiwork, where the largest effort is put into details, in all measures. Along with models, we build dioramas with complete environments - vehicles, vegetation, and figures who bring models to 'life'. On request, models can be enlighten.

We build models according to your specifications - with or without the base, and with or without glass cover / tone. Creating detailed scale replica is a complex and long process, which requires a lot of effort and patience.

We are not the fastest, we are not the cheapest, but we are definitely the best!

Over thirty years of making models, numerous medals and awards on different model contests and shows in Croatia and Europe, as well as the issue of How to modeling book - are our guarantees for highest quality.